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Toxic or Bearable Work Environment

There are some people based on the looks of things that seem to have it all together. Men and

women alike seem to be flourishing in their career journeys while motivating others to rise to the

top. Just like the movies going to work seems like an exciting event; a comfortable routine of

looking good and being great, maintaining time management being productive whilst working with the most awesome team. Sounds like the perfect world right?

While others may drag themselves out of bed, literally just to make ends meet. Let’s face it, not all of us are passionate and in love with our jobs but those bills, ever-growing bills of our wants and needs such as electricity, food, Netflix subscription, gas oh Jesus those gas prices will make us do almost anything for a little comfort. As such, many of us dread going to work based on the ongoing toxic traits, drama and pure madness that takes place during that eight or more hours.

In a bid to get a handle on our work life, there are few hazard signs flashing before our eyes that

we have seen or just simply ignore because of the paycheck at the end. Honestly, we first have to

identify those signs in order to decide whether or not this job environment is suitable. Here are a

few stories shared of the toxic traits persons had to cope with at work:

B. (Customer Service)

I knew that my workplace was toxic when I saw the high turnover rate. The constant changing of

employees coming and going was intimidating and to make it worse employers were fighting

with employees over other employees.

K. (Finance)

There were policies in the workplace that were only enforced on the lower staff and not mid-

level to upper management. It was also taboo to discuss salaries there.

R. (Shipping)

My boss never really cared about my well-being by the low-paying wage and also the lack of

proper equipment to get the work done. They also took over a year to provide employee benefits

and to confirm being on staff.

T. (Information Technology)

Favoritism was a big thing at work. Though the employee-employer relationship was a no for sure, it happened anyway and the work relationships affected the wider team as they had leverage because of their affair. This was even seen where the boss “attacked” everyone else to highlight the individual on a pedestal and left others feeling discouraged and demotivated.

If you can relate to these stories on this list – there is a possibility you may be in a toxic work

environment and you should really be making plans to upgrade your value! In various

workplaces, many people may experience different situations that are regarded as toxic in their

minds. Regardless of the situations, here are a few tips that you can use if you have heard similar

stories from the ones that have been told or from your own experiences:

1. If you are in conflict with someone else at work; be the bigger person and speak to the

other party. Perhaps it was a case of simple miscommunication.

2. Speak to your Human Resource Manager – oftentimes communicating with these

personnel can help to resolve issues; after all, they are there to deal with human issues not

just payroll.

3. Develop a skillset of interest and get certified. In the event, an opportunity comes

knocking at your door, you are more marketable to other employers.

4. If this environment is straining your physical and mental health – GET OUT! But of

course first devise a plan of finding another job or capitalizing on your skillset and make

that money.

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